We Offer Athletic Programs for All Ages in Shreveport, LA

Find out which sports your child can play at Word Of God Academy

Participation in athletic programs can make your child's college application stand out. If you want to give your child a leg up in life, encourage them to join a sports team at Word Of God Academy. We offer track, softball, cheerleading and basketball programs for students in Shreveport, LA.

Our varsity and junior varsity athletic programs include girls, boys and coed teams. Call (318) 687-9003 now to find out whether your child can participate in their desired sport.

Did you know...?

Our basketball program is home to a celebrity. Before becoming the varsity boys basketball coach, Stromile Swift played basketball for LSU, followed by the Vancouver Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns.

Keep reading to learn more about Coach Stro and the rest of the coaching staff.


As we grow our athletics program, we strive for the best coaching staff available. With programs in softball, baseball, and basketball, and track and field our coaching staff has played locally, collegiate and professionally. We believe athletics not only teach discipline in students but also teach leadership and builds lifelong friendships. Within our athletics programs, student athletes are responsible for maintaining a specific code of conduct and GPA and are held to the standard expected of a Word of God Academy student athlete.


Cody Causey

Coach Cody became WOGA's Athletic Director in 2019. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and holds a Bachelors Degree in community health with a concentration in human movement.
Coach Cody has coaching and training experience with elementary, high school, college and professional athletes. His focus is to continue to expand the WOGA athletic department and create strength and conditioning programs for all WOGA student-athletes.

Coach Cody also serves as WOGA's Head Track and Field Coach.


Stromile Swift

Former NBA player, who played power forward and center positions after being drafted 2nd overall in the 2000 NBA draft by the Vancouver Grizzlies.
Coach Stro led a strong collegiate student athlete career at LSU before being drafted to the Grizzles. He has played professionally for other teams including the Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns.

Coach Stro is entering his 5th year as the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach. In years past, he has helped develop our program with excellence and led our boys to the ACEL State Championship two years in a row.