Word of God Academy believes that:

All men need salvation by God's grace alone through the shed blood of Christ and the guiding truths of His Word.

All men are image bearers of God with intrinsic worth and inherent value and, therefore, deserve our love and respect.

As ambassadors of Christ on this earth, all Christians must strive for personal, academic, social and spiritual excellence in all that we are and do.

The family and the church are God's primary ordained educational institutions. Therefore, the school exists to support the family and extend the church.

It is the responsibility of the school to provide a learning environment that nurtures and encourages each student and staff member to achieve their full potential in Christ.

Every activity of the school, the students and staff - even those conducted outside the recognized physical facility and normal school day - must be governed by these same key beliefs.

Word of God Academy is a ministry of Word of God Ministries


It is the vision of Word of God Academy to advance a Christian school of academic excellence so that our leaders of tomorrow will know the truth of God's Word and be equipped both academically and spiritually to advance the Kingdom of God in their homes, churches, communities, nation and world for Christ.


It is the mission of Word of God Academy to provide academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.


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